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Legion Leather The "Praetorian" IWB Holster

Legion Leather The "Praetorian" IWB Holster

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You have a super nice pistol that is special to you and you spent a lot of money on it. Now it's time to put it in a holster worthy of your firearm.

The Praetorian Holster is a 100% leather holster that is wet formed to the model of your firearm and naturally locks it into the holster without the use of any plastic or metal retainers.

Made to order, this holster is designed to wear inside the waistband (IWB) and is a tailored holster to how you will carry it most comfortably. This can be made for a right-hand or left-hand carry and will be made for the specific location and cant angle you most naturally draw from. 

Featuring Full-Grain leather, this holster has a reinforcement layer that allows the holster to maintain its form for easy re-holstering if you ever need to draw your pistol. This will not collapse like most other IWB holsters on the market. 

This holster is made to order and will fit your stock pistol. We cannot accommodate pistols with attachments through our online ordering system. If you have a stock pistol that you would like holstered, you can place your order online. 

This holster can be made for an IWB left hand carry or IWB right hand carry. 

When ordered online, this will be made with a 5-10 degree forward cant with a space of 1 inch above the belt line. 

All of our leather products are handmade in Riverton Utah and our holsters are made to order. Because of this, when you place an order, please allow approximately three weeks lead time for your product to be made.