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The Gratitude Tracker

The Gratitude Tracker

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Introducing the Gratitude Tracker. 

This little leather pocket journal is designed to go with you everywhere and allow you to keep track of all of the little things that happen for you during your day. 

Each time something nice happens, take a quick moment and jot it down! You'd be surprised after taking a look back (even after just a month) at how much there is to be grateful for! 

Becoming more aware of the things to show gratitude for will bring even more things into your life that will benefit you and make your life so much better. All because you are showing gratitude! It's an amazing practice and there is no better way to track it than our little Gratitude Tracker. 

This is made from a full grain veg-tanned leather, died black and embossed with gold lettering on the cover. 

Colors other than black with be stamped, but not colored.

This cover includes one randomly colored notebook with "I am so happy and grateful that..." engraved on it.

This measures: 

Closed: 6 1/4" tall and 4" wide and 3/8" deep.

Open: 6 1/4" tall and 8 1/4" wide