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Luger Holster - With Accessories

Luger Holster - With Accessories

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The Luger P08 has always been a status symbol and throughout history been a cherished war prize by veterans around the world. An elegant and classy pistol, it is more of a statement and show of class than anything.

For those of you that are lucky enough to be in possession of one of these functional works of art, you know the challenges with them in terms of carrying one. You are typically limited to the clunky German box that officers carried them in, or the more rare paratroopers holster.

Legion Leather has now developed a Luger Holster that is just as classy as the pistol itself. Now you can carry your Luger as part of your EDC.

 This complete set includes the following: 

Gladius Style Luger Holster ($175)

Matching belt with border stitching and high end buckle ($99.99)

Spare Magazine pouch ($40)

Total Value: $314.99

The Pancake Style Holster is a great holster for larger and heavier pistols as the design distributes the weight of the pistol over a larger portion of your belt. This holster is made using high quality Full-grain leather.

Your Luger holster is made to order based on the options that you select.  

This holster can be made for a left hand carry or right hand carry. 

When ordered online, this will be made with a 10 degree forward cant with a space of 1 inch above the belt line. 


All of our leather products are handmade in Riverton Utah and our holsters are made to order. Because of this, when you place an order, please allow approximately three weeks lead time for your product to be made.