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Legion Leather "Pugio" Crossdraw holster

Legion Leather "Pugio" Crossdraw holster

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The "Pugio" holster is taken from the Legionaries kit. Originally their back up dagger that sat opposite their right hand, it was a cross-draw weapon. Therefore, the "Pugio" holster is meant for a cross-draw for your pistol. It features an open bottom and full trigger cover design to keep your firearm safe from debris and unintentional discharge.

This design features two snaps that allow you to easily attach this holster to your belt and just as easily remove it. The "Pugio" Crossdraw holster distributes the weight of the pistol over larger portion of your belt, increasing your comfort. 

This holster is available for the right hand or left hand carry.

You can pick from one of the following colors: 

 - Classic Black

 - Spanish Brown

 - Dark Brown

 - Mahogany

 - Tan

This is a 100% leather holster that is wet formed to the model of your firearm and naturally locks it into the holster without the use of any plastic or metal retainers. Made to order, this holster is designed to wear outside the waistband (OWB) with two snap points. One secures it to your belt, the other wraps around top of the holster to reinforce the first snap. You can easily adjust the position of this holster for optimal comfort while sitting or standing.

This holster is available in a right-handed or left-handed shooter and is designed to sit on your belt at 10-11 o'clock (for right hand draw) or 1-2 o'clock (for left hand draw).

The Deets: 

 - Material: 6 oz full grain veg-tanned leather


Fitting Note: This holster has been moulded to various models that feature different front sights, from night sights to the standard government issue "nub" sight. That being said, all 1911 A1 size pistols will fit in this holster. If you are carrying a model that features a larger front sight, it may be necessary to work the pistol into the holster several times to break up some of the leather fibers and get a proper fit. The leather will stretch out enough to accommodate your pistol.

Lead time: All of our leather products are handmade in Riverton Utah and our holsters are made to order. Because of this, when you place an order, please allow approximately three weeks lead time for your product to be made.