Collection: Centurion Line

The Centurion is a symbol of authority, strength, resilience, dedication and commitment. Legionaries would look to their Centurion for guidance, inspiration and motivation. Their distinctive ploom allowed them to stand above all others so that they could be clearly seen from anywhere on the battlefield.

 We would like to introduce to you, the Centurion Line. Set apart by the signature red corner and accent pocket, these products are made with superior oak veg-tanned, full grain leather and dyed to spec. 

As a huge fan of history, I was inspired by the Roman Centurion. The red corner on the outside shell and red accent pocket represents the ploom of the Centurion's authority. We have also commissioned an original art piece to be the showcase engraving on the interior of the pieces.  

This line will include several different types of wallets, a passport cover, field notes cover, and much more.

We will be officially launching this product line on Kickstarter in early July. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed and updated about this project and other works that we have going on.

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