AKJ Concealco Leather Holsters: Quality and Comfort Combined

The AKJ Concealco inside the waistband holsters feature a “Frontal Fold-over Reinforcement” - this unique method of reinforcing the holster mouth which allows for easy one-handed re-holstering. The AKJ Concealco leather holster developed this technique and style which has made it popular for decades. This method of holster mouth reinforcement eliminates the need for excessively bulky metal insert/double thick leather reinforcement and makes our inside the waistband holsters some of the most bulk-free and comfortable IWBs available. Andrew Johnson developed this holster and perfected the design to where it became the standard for many hoslters on the market today. 

Leather Holster for Duty Belts

The AKJ Concealco holster became popular with local law enforcement agencies in the Idaho area due to Andrews invovlement and influence in the area. This holster became the holster of choice for both plain clothes and uniformed police officers. The leather design with the reinforced holster mouth made it reliable and durable for the rigors that come with law enforcement. 

Reliable Leather Holster

akj holster

The AKJ leather holster is constructed to allow the handgun to ride as low as possible, while not obstructing the "combat" or initial grip of the gun. This is important for concealability of the handgun compared to other holsters that might print a lot more. Each holster is hand molded to the specific gun to insure proper fit, maximum retention, and minimize holster wear. We personally insert and remove a replica of the pistol to ensure the perfect fit of your weapon. Each AKJ leather holster also features a molded sight channel to minimize drag upon draw.

Get your AKJ Leather Holster today and start concealing reliably with a durable holster.