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AKJ Concealco Inside the Waistband with Thumb Break

AKJ Concealco Inside the Waistband with Thumb Break

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Inside the Waistband Holsters
 With Thumb Break


Shown here is a photo illustrating our front belt loop feature, which is now a standard feature of all of our IWB holsters. At first glance, one might think, "What a strange place to attach the front belt loop."

But when put into use - because the belt tends to curve sharply around the front of the holster - attaching the front belt loop directly to the front of the holster makes perfect sense. Printing and overall bulk is greatly reduced!

All AKJ Concealco inside the waistband holsters feature a “Frontal Fold-over Reinforcement” - our unique method of reinforcing the holster mouth which allows for easy one-handed re-holstering. This method of holster mouth reinforcement eliminates the need for excessively bulky metal insert/double thick leather reinforcement and makes our inside the waistband holsters some of the most bulk-free and comfortable IWBs available.

Some features of our IWB Holsters are:
    • Featuring our front belt loop system for maximum stability and security.
    • The rear belt loop is adjustable - two vertical positions for autos, three positions for revolvers.
    • Extra/Replacement belt loops are available in a variety of sizes and choice of color and can be easily replaced or changed to suit your needs.
    • Constructed to allow the handgun to ride as low as possible, while not obstructing the "combat" or initial  grip of the gun.
    • Each holster is hand molded to the specific gun to insure proper fit, maximum retention, and minimize holster wear.
    • Rigid body construction.
    • Each holster features a molded sight channel to minimize drag upon draw.
    • To maximize concealment, the belt loop is placed on a paddle-like extension. This reduces overall bulk as well as pushes the butt of the handgun in, toward the users body for maximum concealment.


The IWBT (Inside the Waistband, w/Thumb-break) features a reinforced thumb-break for added retention and security of the handgun. the thumb-break's snap socket is inset to the leather and the snap stud on the retention strap is felt covered -- to protect your guns finish.